Advertising Idea Could Benefit m-Learning

Check out this short article on a Snap Send Sell classified ad service from iqzone. This service allows a mobile phone user to take a picture or shoot a video of an item they want to sell. The user sends the picture/video and text as a Multi-Media Message (MMS) to the Snap Send Sell service. The Snap and Send service then does some back end magic to place the user’s ad online so it can be searched. The user can receive mobile alerts about the item (i.e. did it sell?, does someone have a question?… presumably stuff similar to e-Bay) or search for items to buy.

So the question becomes, how can we leverage this for mobile learning? I can see a couple of great ways already. First, if someone can upload a picture with some text as a description, why couldn’t they upload a series of pictures or videos with associated text? If that can be done, a savvy user could document an entire procedure and upload that procedure for others to see when they encounter the same procedure. The most practical example I can think of is in a field like heating and air conditioner technicians who work in disbursed locations but do similar work. A high performer doing an installation could be asked to document the installation and upload the procedures to a central location where other techs could download it as a reference when doing their own installations. There are many uses like this, and I’m sure you can think of some already. The best thing about this one is that it uses technology already present on many of today’s mobile phones, there’s no need to download additional software. So if we could just get it for learning in addition to advertising, we’d be all set.


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