New Sony Phone Patent for Gaming Phone

Sony recently filed a patent for a gaming phone. They say they have no products lined up and that it is not necessarily going to use PSP technology. However, the idea of a phone specifically designed for gaming would surely allow Sony to leverage it’s years of gaming hardware and software development in the growing market for mobile games. The impact on m-learning can also be seen if you notice the movement toward game-based learning. Think learning oriented devices (going all the way back to “Speak & Math” or “Speak & Spell“) mixed with your Treo, Q, Blackberry.

However, I still see the “connected” piece of the device as being the most important, rather than the ability to perform hardware-intensive tasks like processing 3D graphics (though that is coming and is important). Your ability to connect to the Web and to each other will still be the most important piece of your experience with your mobile device, especially when it comes to learning.


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