Legitimate iPhone competitors invading soon

Most people who own or have used the iPhone will agree that it’s a very cool device with a lot of great features. In an earlier post, I talked about the positives and the drawbacks of the device as I see it. Well, now we will start to see the rest of the mobile device manufacturers playing catchup on some features and focusing on their traditional strengths over the iPhone in others. Nokia is one of those manufacturers, and they are hungry to finally crack the US business market and make their feature rich e-series devices a mainstay in the US market. Check this article out to see how Nokia plans to finally push into the US business market. This is exciting for a mobile learning developer because Nokia devices run on the Symbian OS, which is the most prevalent smart phone OS worldwide. Symbian also supports Flash Lite, which is the architecture that we at Mode2 have built m-Learning applications on.


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