Inspiration sometimes comes from weirdest places

Sometimes you come across something that inspires you, even though it’s probably completely inappropriate for your current context. In my case, my context is as designer and developer of mobile learning applications at a government agency; my inspiration comes from an application designed by a liquor company to sell their product. You can see a demo of the application out at But before you start wondering what I’m smoking, let me explain myself.

We as e-learning/m-learning designers often talk about incorporating emotion into design. Countless studies prove that emotion can be a powerful tool for retention and even recall. Drama in the form of text based scenarios, vignettes, voice over narrative, etc. are often used to evoke emotional feelings in learners. This tool from Johnnie Walker does just that by using an attractive woman to bring forth emotion. Now, most of our learning products will want to evoke different emotions (i.e. non-sexual, but hey, you never know). We will probably want to bring a sense of urgency or a learner’s sense of importance in a process. We could use a series of quick videos like those in the demo to give feedback, coaching or to stimulate the learner in other ways.

Anyway, I thought this was worth sharing.  The Johnnie Walker app was developed using Flash Lite.


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