An example of mobile video used for performance support

Hairdresser training by mobileHere is an example of a mobile video used to train hairdressers on the job. In this case, it’s used to help hairdressers learn or refresh their knowledge on specific cuts. I believe that this kind of video m-learning is especially relevant for procedural tasks where seeing a professional perform the task is comforting to the learner. Seeing the result will help learners gauge whether they are doing a step properly or whether they need to watch the pro perform the step again.

Inspired by this, I took to making my own video to put in my Burst tool, where it would provide the best of video, audio and text in a step by step approach. I tried to add a “how to make sushi” video to my Burst on making sushi, which we developed as an example for the Palm Treo. Well, remember above where I mentioned professionals  performing tasks? Unfortunately, I’m not a professional at making sushi, so I will have to try again tomorrow or the next day.

I am excited to see this kind of video training applied in the real world to people who need it. The ubiquity of the mobile makes this truly available anywhere anytime. If I saw my hairdresser pulling his/her mobile out before cutting my hair, I might think twice about letting them cut my hair again. But, at least I would know that they were watching the step performed professionally.


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