Mobile learning in Japan (which hopefully means it will be here soon)

This article is from September 2006, but has good examples. You need a membership to the eLearning Guild, so if you don’t have one, find someone who does (shouldn’t have to look far if you work in the e-Learning field). I am sort of surprised that we haven’t seen some of these applications here in North America, but that just means that we need to get our act together. One issue to consider is that 50% of homes in Japan have a computer with Internet connectivity according to the article. North America has a larger percentage of Internet connected PCs and many students here use the PC rather than the mobile device. That’s some speculation on my part, maybe the Japanese use their PCs just as much for learning. I admire their adoption of mobile devices for learning. I find the idea of brain training games particularly interesting, especially if current research is correct and these games actually prolong healthy brain activity.


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