Apple and Google will make things better for m-Learning!!??

WM screen

This article walks through some of the upcoming developments from Google and Apple. Apple will be releasing a software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone in February and Google plans to build an operating system for handsets. Both of these developments mean that it will continue to get easier to develop applications for mobile devices. The increased ease of development is important to m-Learning, since companies/developers will feel less inhibited in their efforts. At this time, many companies and developers are reluctant to push into the mobile arena because they are unable to tap into large groups of learners. Entrance of the likes of Apple and Google into development should further the convergence of operating systems and performance capabilities, therefore allowing companies and organizations to target larger groups of users. Of course, a convergence of Browsers would be great too, maybe even more important to m-Learning than operating systems, but that is being worked out too with newer better browsers offered by Opera, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla.


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