Mobile Performance Support for Your Diet

Food Phone

I’ve been reading a book called Mobile Persuasion and it’s a good source of inspiration if you’re into developing learning for mobile devices. One of the interesting examples from the book (which is really a compilation of conference presentations) is called MyFoodPhone and it uses the mobile phone to help people who are dieting. The application allows users to keep a food journal on their device so they can see what they’ve been eating. The most interesting part for me is the use of actual dietitians for performance support and coaching in the form of video messages. Video messaging is a great use of mobile technology since it’s simple and efficient. Obviously, there are costs to creating video and the user has costs associated with the message delivery, so you would want to do this type of program with an opt-in model. MyFoodPhone is an interesting mobile learning model and one that we should see a lot more of in the near future.


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