Will we deliver m-learning through the browser or something else?

How will we deliver m-learning to the mobile device? Past experience with the desktop shows that the browser is the most efficient way to deliver learning on that platform. However, I think the question needs to be asked, is that the best way to deliver content on the mobile device? I think that the ubiquity of the browser leads us to assume that it will be the mode for delivery as well, but I think we should at least ask ourselves the question… are there better ways when it comes to mobile? Mobile devices vary widely in the capability of their browsers, though most have some sort of browser. I am not sure of the answer here, but if I had to bet, I would say that the browser will be used to deliver the bulk of learning content.

But we have to remember that features such as text and video messaging happen completely independent of the web browser on most devices. We could build an entire instructional system that uses all of the features of the device, taking into consideration the student’s context. I can envision an entire scenario-based design with the browser serving as the main vessel for delivery, but with timed text and video messages delivered to the student as coaching and reinforcement on the content. We could also use the browser to offer testing and assessment, as well as to interface with the learning management system. But as always it’s important to design the system


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