Children and Mobile Learning

Pockets of Potential Report

This is a pretty in-depth report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center on m-learning with children.

Pockets of Potential Report

Most of my attention has gone to corporate and adult mobile learning over the years, but looking through this report I can see a lot of similarities with k-12 mobile learning. And of course, the children of today are the adult learners of tomorrow. Based on this report, it seems that those future adult learners will be much more acclimated to mobility and m-learning than the current generation of corporate learners (i.e. digital natives vs. digital immigrants). While many of today’s adult learners struggle with the limitations and challenges of mobile devices and access to the Web, the children of today will only see improvement in mobile networks and devices by the time they arrive on the corporate seen. All of these factors will lead to adoption and an increased comfort level with mobile learning and mobile access in general. An additional point of encouragement is in the many different learning strategies mentioned in the report. Innovative teachers and researchers are exploring mobile devices as a conduit to peers, parents and tutors. Also being explored are the lines between the classroom and the real world. Learning professionals are also using mobile devices as a way to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning and encouraging collaborative learning. Important examples of augmented/alternative reality are mentioned as well among others.

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