Innovative Mobile Learning Book – Fantastic!!

I’m reading this book called Innovative Mobile Learning Techniques and Technologies by Hokyoung Ryu and David Parsons of Massey University in New Zealand (which I think I found through mLearnopedia – Thanks To the good folks over there!).  You can download the book for free here, and I recommend you do. This book is rather large, and it has a slew of examples that can help you understand the challenges and expectations of a mobile learning effort. The book is a collection of different research reports and studies on mobile learning. Just from what I’ve been able to digest in about a week, I’d say you’ll be able to find something in here that interests you and can help you with your mobile learning plans. Because my focus is more on corporate learning, I’ve been focusing on the findings of mobile learning projects in a business setting. I’ve already been able to find mobile learning frameworks, design requirements, environmental factors and other considerations that contribute to the success of a corporate mobile learning project. And because the book contains a collection of research reports, the results are based on statistical evidence and so far I’ve found that these reports are comprised of high quality statistics and not just anecdotal evidence. That is comforting, especially when you may have to use the these numbers as a selling point for your mobile learning plans. I’ve found that in some cases the book confirms my notions about m-Learning, but other cases where it rejects them. The fact that both the confirmations and rejections are based on significant numbers of real learners, deepens my understanding of the subject of mobile learning and that’s my ultimate goal.

The diagram shown here is an example of a conceptual framework for mobile learning found in the book.

The diagram shown here is an example of a conceptual framework for mobile learning found in the book.

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