The President’s “Blackberry”… this should help

Obama's Blackberry

Our President now has a mobile device. Based on the article from CNET, It appears as though this device is actually NOT a Blackberry. It’s more likely a Windows Mobile device with super security restrictions. The important thing here is that the leader of the free world is now carrying and relying (to some extent) on a mobile device to keep up with people.

It sounds like the President is using this more as a social networking device than a hard-core business phone. I think this can be an important development for mobile learning because it increases the profile of the mobility. Presidential use of a mobile device brings a seriousness to the world of mobility and by association it adds credibilty to mobile learning. Mobile devices are still often seen as somewhat juvenile in comparison to their desktop or laptop cousins. I believe that the reason for the lack of respect for mobiles is due to their early acceptance by the younger generation, who were the first power users of text messaging. And while business users have been using mobile devices for years to do email, mobile devices are still looked at as secondary to PCs because they still lack the horsepower and features of the PC. But having a world leader touting the benefits of his mobile device helps us to see that mobiles are truly powerful and have different capabilities which are useful for serious business. Some people will probably purchase a smart phone as their next mobile device simply because the President uses one. Having more smart phones out on the street will only help us in our quest for good corporate mobile learning by increasing the number of devices capable of reaching the web and delivering rich social and learning experiences.


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