Your Assigment: Create Mobile Content Today!!

Ok, so you’ve just been told by your boss that you need to create content for your learners ASAP. Your boss says that you need to do this now and by the way… it also needs to be mobile so learners who are traveling can get it without hooking up in an airport or hotel room.

Well, one tool you may reach for is a blog. The blog is a great way to build content fast because most major blogging tools are free, easy to use and offer a powerful set of tools to author content. So with that blog, part one of your problem is solved – you created content quickly. But what about the second part of your problem? How are you going to make your content mobile?  You can use Mofuse.

One of the issues associated with creating mobile content is size. With all the tools out there these days, it’s become increasingly easy to create content and upload it for all to see and even to subscribe to with rss. Many of us have blogs and we reach a lot of people with those blogs. However, it’s difficult at best to view your favorite personal or professional blogs from a mobile device since most blogs aren’t formatted properly for mobile. Well, Mofuse is a simple answer to that problem.

Mofuse is a tool that’s been around for awhile (I think), and I had heard of it, but never used it. Mofuse takes your blog and formats it for the mobile screen. All you have to do is go to the Mofuse site and sign up. Sign up is simple, takes about 10 minutes total to get through it and check to see that it displays nicely on your mobile. I’m running on a Motorola Q9 and it looks good with my basic pocket Internet Explorer on the 320×240 display. You can integrate a Mofuse plugin too, which will automatically sense if your user is viewing the site from a mobile, and then direct them to the mofuse formatted content, but I didn’t install the plugin yet. If you want to see a mobile version of my blog, just go to the following link on your mobile:

I think a great exercise for a corporate learning professional or teacher would be to create a blog just for your learners and then create a mobile version of that blog through mofuse. So here’s your assignment, take some of your learning content and create a blog using any popular blogging service. Post your learning content on the blog and then create a mofuse site for your blog. Point your learners to both your main blog and the mofuse mobile version and see how they use it and when. Then poll your learners on the usefulness of that mobile version.

No doubt there are already plenty of teachers who have already done this with mofuse or some other tool, but try it yourself and let the community know how it works for you and most importantly, for your learners.

For more info on tools, you can check out another tool called utterli. I plan to post agan on utterli soon to address the other side (and more interesting IMHO) of mobile learning: mobile content creation.

3 comments so far

  1. Guy W Wallace on

    Thanks! I just did this earlier today – and it works great! I was going to Blog on this – but iinstead I’ll just reference your post!

    Now I am waiting for the utterli post!


  2. Guy W Wallace on

    Wow! This was great!

  3. mobileben on

    I know I need to do the utterli post soon. I’ve been trying to come up with suitable content. It’s on my to do list, I think it’s a great way to create content.

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