Mapping the Mobile Web: A Little Scary, but Very Cool Too

Watch the video here and you will know what I mean when I say “A Little Scary, but Very Cool Too”. This article from Business Week explains the ways that companies are profiling our mobile activities and categorizing us into Tribes. Some of us might be offended by what tribe we end up in. For example, I’d love to be in the “young and edgy” tribe, but I admit that sometimes I would probably end up in the “homebody” tribe ( by the way, I think they can come up with a better name for that). While I’m sure there are implications here for mobile learning, I see that this will first be used to categorize us for marketing purposes. But I can see that identifying our movements and our social behavior may also be able to classify us according to a learner profile. Perhaps our habits could be classified into a know type of learner, like kinestetic, auditory, visual, etc.

As our learning management systems gain sophistication, we can aspire to create multiple delivery systems for a given set of objectives. If we have a learner profile for someone, we could serve them with the best possible format for their particular learning style.


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