Mobile Learning Proves Valuable for Military

Mobile Learning with Troops in Iraq and Afganistan

Mobile Learning with Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

The defense forces of various countries have a long history with mobile technology. In many ways, military uses of mobile technology have blazed trails for advancement in consumer mobile technologies. But in the case of the “VCommunicator” program used by the US Army, we see the military adopting a popular consumer tool to help soldiers learn basic Arabic phrases. The goal of the program is to help soldires communicate in an environment where there are far too few translators.

Here’s a link to an article about the project. This is another example of using mobile learning to it’s strengths.¬† The VCommunicator program allows soldiers to look up Arabic phrases as they communicate with Iraqi and Afghani civilians, leveraging the just-in-time and situational strengths of mobile learning. However, the colonel named in the article also talks about using the learning tool in a soldiers spare time to train to the point where they don’t need to look up the phrases, i.e. use the tool to train to memory vs. an OJT model. I would imagine the train to memory approach would be best in a situation that could become dangerous and having a consumer favorite like the iPod will provide a comfortable learning environment for the soldiers who use it.


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