New Stats on Mobile Usage Continue to Reflect Mobile as Gateway to the Web

Recent stats from Juniper, ComScore and others point to the rise in data usage with mobile devices. Most industry leaders have been predicting this shift from voice to data from some time. Basically, this means that more people are using their mobile devices to gain access to the web and do things that they used to do from their PC or in many cases, they are doing things they have never done before because they are accessing the web when they are mobile. The new data was sent to me in an email from Mofuse.

“Worldwide, Juniper predicts there will be 1.7 billion mobile web users by 2013. In the US alone, there are 63 million mobile Web users today. Add a projected growth rate of 60% over the next two years, and well, the mobile web is very, very big.

In May comScore released a study that showed mobile users (in the US) are accessing the Mobile web 35.3% of the time, compared to 37% for voice and 27.7% for SMS.

Just this month, IPG’s Universal McCann and AOL released some compelling new data based on their poll of 1,800 mobile users between October 2008 and March 2009. The data reinforces how smart-phone users are using their devices. Here are some interesting data points:

1 out of every 7 minutes of media consumption takes place via mobile device
19 MM mobile web users access the internet on a weekly basis. This represents about 1/3 of all mobile web users.
73% of all mobile web users search for maps and directions ”

The third point about maps and directions is key because that’s one time where you can be sure that the users are mobile.

So how does this impact mobile learning? Well, in a broad way we can see that the more people are using their mobile devices to access the web, the more comfortable they are getting with using those devices to access important information (and sometimes not so important information). We also see that the devices are continuing to advance in capability and features. But beyond that we can take a look at how mobile users are using thier devices. Mobile users are turning to their devices to solve problems, take the maps and directions data as an example. When a mobile user needs to find directions (i.e. solve the problem of being lost or not knowing their next destination), they turn to the trusty device to solve that problem. As users find that they can get that information while mobile, they become more likely to turn to that device for other problems. There is nothing stopping the user from turning to their device to get information to solve a work related problem. Users will start to look to the mobile device for references, coaching, performance support, etc. We just need to make sure there’s something to find when they get there.

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  1. nadahima on

    in my country, indonesia, a telco company bundling mobile device with BREW platform to have data service. this is very popular right now


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