Mobile Augmented Reality in Action – For Learning!

Augmented reality is really taking off in a multitude of ways. However, most of the examples I’ve seen have centered around entertainment, gaming or marketing. The potential of mobile AR is really powerful because it brings a whole new layer to the real world we live in. We could see real depth and speed increases in training, especially with the implementation of AR training for process and procedural tasks. Well, here’s an example of mobile AR used for mechanic training in the US military. This type of AR can be very helpful as a performance support tool and as a teaching aid for students learning the mechanic trade. The article at singularity states :

“recently tested with the United States Marine Corps on an armored turret, ARMAR can cut maintenance times in half by guiding users to the damaged area and displaying 3D animations to demonstrate the appropriate tools and techniques.”

This is a move forward in real-time performance support and as you can see, it sounds like it’s working to reduce maintenance times. That’s pretty powerful stuff and I can see this type of thing being employed even down to the elementary school student learning math. The student could use a head mounted system and when practicing math problems, the system would use its’ camera to see the numbers the student is writing and provide help as the student progresses through the problem. How much easier would it be for a fourth grader to learn math if he or she were presented with an animated demonstration of the next step in the problem? It may even help lessen the burden on teachers. Just an idea, but I think you can run with the possibilities from here.


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