News is king of content on mobile devices

Mobile devices are used to consume media of all types, but the Pew Research Center reports that news is the number one thing that Americans access on their devices. It’s not hard to believe because our news has become increasingly “byte-sized”. We use our mobile devices frequently, but for short periods of time in most cases and that follows the byte-sized model so news may be a natural fit. We may be able to take a lesson from news sources as we create our mobile learning.

It doesn’t appear that news sources spend a lot of time thinking about the formatting of their mobile content. But the fact that they already design their content in shorter easier to consume chunks, may have something to do with why we see it as acceptable and sought after mobile content. It may also be that we just want to see the news when we’re mobile because we want to keep up on current events. It’s probably worth a look at some popular mobile news sites to see how long their content is for a given story and how it’s formatted. If news is what people are looking at when mobile, they will already be conditioned to that model and we as learning designers may be able to take a page from their book. Here’s a link to the Information Week article on the Pew study:

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