Mobile Learning Starts to See Another Roadblock Removed

mobile security

Most organizations, whether public or private sector have begun to acknowledge that our cultural move to mobility is not a fad, it’s a reality and it’s here to stay. There was at first a sort of healthy skepticism about mobile devices and whether they would ever really become important business tools for the workforce. However, it now seems that most CTOs and other corporate decision makers realize that mobility will be at least part of their overall corporate IT structure. Some have even started to think about how they can leverage mobile applications to encourage productivity.

But through all this, one major concern remained and it’s a deal breaker for most organizations – SECURITY!! Mobile devices and the applications that run on them often have little to nothing in the way of security controls and policies. Organizations have been struggling with the idea of supporting personal devices under the IT umbrella. Do they tell users that they can have access to corporate data if IT can place security policies on those devices? Do they only support devices issued by the organization? Do they support both, but then restrict the information to those sources that are inherently secure to begin with? All of these unanswered questions have led lots of organizations to wait for leadership from the security industry before they deploy corporate applications. As you can imagine, that can hamper the deployment of mobile learning within an organization. If you can’t get to the LMS because the IT system doesn’t allow you to access it, you won’t be able to see your mobile learning content… never mind the fact that most learning management systems don’t yet have a mobile version. And because of all of this, a lot of organizations have been in no hurry to start mobile learning initiatives.

Well, we are starting to see some leadership from the companies in the technology security industry. The advances being made in security policy and device management could really open up the doors to massive mobile deployment of corporate applications and of course with that will come m-Learning. Recent announcements by Cisco and others have shown that the security industry is really listening and whether they get it right the first time or soon after, it’s certainly going to help ease the transition to mobility for most organizations. You can read more about specific applications in this Information Week article. I’m optimistic that removing security roadblocks will open the road up to mobile learning as organizations get more comfortable with mobile access to their information.

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