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Well, I haven’t posted in awhile, so I’m happy to be back writing again. I am currently teaching a one month course on mobile learning at George Mason University and it’s a real privilege to do so. I’m so happy to see a university taking mobile learning seriously enough to offer a class on it. Of course, teaching is a new thing for me and it’s got me pretty busy so that explains the lack of posting. However, it’s also given me a rich new learning resource… the students. The students in the class are really showing some great ideas about mobile learning. And because most of them are learning professionals (Instructional designers and trainers), they have a great understanding of how to build and deploy a training program. I’m hoping I can help them in their efforts to add mobile learning to their learning tool set, they are certainly helping me expand my knowledge of mobile learning.

I’m very interested in the idea of mobile video blogging. This is nothing new, but I think what is needed (and maybe it’s out there and I just haven’t found it yet) is a mobile video blogging tool for learning professionals to create content for mobile devices. What I’m getting at is the idea that we can use regular commercial blogs now, but these tools are largely developed for social purposes.

What I would like to see is a tool specifically for use by learning content developers. I think this tool should allow all the same functionality of a regular mobile blogging tool, but have some additional features for instructional designers and subject matter experts to created structured learning content. So here’s my initial list of these capabilities, feel free to add some of your own. And by all means, please let me know if there’s a tool out there that does all these things.

  • post video from your mobile device
  • post images
  • post audio
  • add flash and other rich content creation products
  • create rich text from your mobile device – i.e. lists, bold, italic, hyperlinks, etc.
  • create a sequential list of items in a single post from your mobile device
  • annotate each content item with the associated objectives (for designer reference purposes and student purposes)
  • create a custom navigation between chunks of content

Basically, I’m looking for the ability to create a learning module with a mobile device. I know this is coming, but I haven’t seen anything that does this yet. That type of tool could really empower learning content developers to create great mobile learning content from a mobile device. And of course, placing a tool like this in the hands of a well trained subject matter expert could yield some great results and allow us to add quality training to our learning content networks, ultimately benefiting the learner by leveraging the contextual aspect of mobile learning – training created in context and consumed in context.

Until we have that, I will do my best with current blogging tools and their limited mobile development options. Most of the mobile blogging tools only allow you to add an image or video and don’t allow you to format text from your mobile device.


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