How is it used?

This is a series of posts related to our mobile learning session at the GMU/DAU E-Learning Symposium – Easy/Free ways to publish mobile learning content

Mobile learning can come in many forms and since it’s an evolving field, best uses are also still evolving. Currently, it’s been recognized that mobile learning fits best into the following learning content forms:

  • Performance support
  • Review/reinforcement
  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Decision support

It’s generally recommended that m-learning be delivered as an extension of current learning programs rather than the sole learning product.

More m-Learning from my kitchen!!

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  2. Sami M. Leppanen on


    I very much agree with what was said in video! Overall duration/ lenght of the content/ learning solution can be longer but individual nanomodules must not exceed lenght of 5 minutes.

    I would also like to emphasize that key strength of mobile learning lies in possibility to allow user generated content i.e. production of mobile learning material by users. This is the only way to utilise special characteristics of mobile learning.
    If we limit our thinking to passive studying (reading text) from small screen we are hopelessly lost. Repetition of e-learning through small screen is doomed to fail. Podcasts, videos, quizzes, surveys and other media is a must. Use of mobile optimized medias.

    Use of the true multi media elements is a must too. Video, audio, microblogging, images must be used to support learning experience. Small text or Flashlite is simply not enough. Rapid, simple, easy ways to produce content (with smartphones) enable fast enough content creation for mobile learning to stay up to date and not storage for outdated content.

    We must consider what exciting learning experiences and possibilities mobility, location awareness and social media bring to learning space that is in your pocket everywhere any time.

    Mobile learning is an exciting opportunity but we must think differently and not use it as mini e-learning!

    I posted a link to my Flickr site where I have some photos of our experiment with mobile learning:

    M-Kit content module about M-Learning

    All the comments are very welcome and feel free to contact me directly as well.

    Sami M Leppanen
    Nokia Corporation

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