Google’s App Inventor Will Allow ‘The Rest of Us’ to make Apps

Mr. Droid

Many in the mobile learning community have been clamoring for tools that allow us as learning content creators to build apps for the mobile device. Google has decided to help us with that need by creating App Inventor, which claims to allow people who don’t have programming skills to create mobile apps through a drag and drop interface. This is welcome news for learning content creators who feel shut out of the app development game because they lack the programming skills or can’t afford to hire an app developer.

Of course, this also helps Google catch up with Apple in the app marketplace because enabling more people to create apps insures more apps are available in their Android Marketplace. As an Android user, it’s encouraging to me that Google is opening the door to more people and particularly encouraging that we as learning content developers could use this technology to create useful apps for our learners. I think if you start to enable the thoughtful minds of learning content developers you will certainly come away with some well designed and useful applications that can really help people in their daily lives.

App Inventor uses the Open Blocks Java Library which is licensed by MIT. App Inventor is by invitation, but it sounds like it’s open for business as long as you fill out this invitation request

More about it here:


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