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Flash Lite on More Mobile Devices Means More Mobile Devices with Rich E-Learning Content

Flash Lite and WMWindows Mobile

Microsoft is now licensing Flash Lite for Windows Mobile. This is a good thing if you’re hoping to develop or port e-Learning content to Windows Mobile Devices. Flash Lite is a subset of the desktop Flash environment and the version that will be on Windows Mobile will allow developers to utilize components like Flash Video and a significant portion of the ActionScript 3 programming language. What this means is that you can develop full scale mobile applications with the Flash Authoring Tool and deploy them to devices running Windows Mobile. Think simulations, games and other traditional Flash e-Learning on your mobile device. Of course, there are several platforms for mobile development, Java being the most prevalent amongst all devices. The advantage that Flash offers for e-Learning developers is that many companies have Flash developers and Flash artists on staff; and the learning curve for Flash Lite is not that steep.

The mobile landscape will remain relatively wide open for awhile, but developments like this may help to make it easier for us e-Learning developers to develop m-Learning. To see an example application that I created, check out my mobile learning tool called Burst. Burst was built with Flash Lite 2.1, which was the predecessor to FL 3. Flash Lite 3 was released late last Fall. Burst is a demonstration and performance support tool, but if you look at the capabilities of Flash Lite, you can imagine that it could be used to develop several different learning solutions.