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2 Events that Could Help Push Mobile Learning

In recent days a couple of technical events of note have given hope for mobile learning. Microsoft announced that later this year it will release Windows Mobile 7 and RIM (maker of Blackberry smart phones) announced that it will release an updated WebKit based browser. Why are these events important? Well, here’s my take:

Windows Mobile 7:

  • Windows ties well into the overall infrastructure of many organizations (whether we always like that or not)
  • The Windows Mobile 7 update will integrate devices with the XBox gaming system, which could be another option for distributing learning – perhaps along the lines of the Apple App Store or Google’s Android Marketplace or the many other marketplaces available for different mobile operating systems
  • Another strong, well funded competitor in this industry should bring more option – possibly even further commoditizing mobile devices and making them less expensive for educational purchasing

Blackberry WebKit browser:

  • Blackberry smart phones are very popular in the corporate and government space, having a better browser experience on those devices will certainly allow a lot of organizations to have the ability to deploy some of their current learning content
  • WebKit is the same core used for the iPhone Safari browser and the Android browser, it’s a very capable and highly extensible platform for Web development, so it provides the opportunity to develop rich, interactive experiences for learners

These new developments along with the deployment of Flash 10 on many devices throughout this year is really starting to make the mobile device a compelling place for learning content development. When you think of the ways developers can tap into the cloud, access the accelerometer, camera, and phone functions of a mobile device, you can start to see how we can really use these devices to consume and author learning content. It’s turning out to be an exciting year for mobile learning.

I will keep you updated on other happenings around mobile technology and provide details on these efforts as the become known.